[ summer - 1 month ]


The Pearl House is based in Tulsa, OK, but has built women’s homes in Ghana, Africa. They have a home with 22 young women, a career center, and a school that just opened. The Pearl House protects, educates and disciples at-risk young women in underserved communities around the world. Join us in Ghana as we work in women's homes, serve in the career center, travel to the bush for outreach work, teach in their new school, and partner with their local contacts there on the field in street evangelism and children’s ministry.



[ summer - 1 month ]


Partner with ICC (International Christian Center) in Nairobi, Kenya to serve the local community. Your team will be aiding the contacts’ efforts to bring the healing message of Christ to children, youth, young adults, prisoners, and the impoverished as you engage in church ministry services, children’s ministry, youth and young adult ministry, and education/training at Kenyan primary schools. Work with communities to bring hope, education, and the good news of Jesus Christ.



[ summer - 1 month ]


Join the ministry at Urban Promise in Lilongwe, Malawi this summer. Help to serve the community in Malawi through after school programs with children. You and your team will partner with teachers and house parents of an orphanage to plan lessons, teach, and lead devotionals, as well as reach out to local villages through sports and skits.



[ summer - 1 month ]


Reach out to the community of Cape Town with All Nations through evangelism and relationship building. You and your team will minister in prisons, hospitals, and local schools as you lead discipleship groups for youth and engage with the young adults through hip-hop dance, soccer, and games. There will also be other ministry opportunities like home to home evangelism and serving in local churches.



[ summer - 1 month ]

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Have a passion to use your business skills to help impact people’s lives? Come to Johannesburg, South Africa to assist Life Christian Foundation, an organization that works with dozens of non-profits in the area to help them grow their organization and reach. Other ministry opportunities include church services, leading youth groups, and evangelism in local high schools. In addition, you will have the opportunity to serve Impact Africa while planning school assemblies, visiting children’s homes, and serving the contacts in work projects and children’s ministry.


TANZANIA [ Jordan Lewis Man Team ]

[ summer - 1 month ]


Prepare for a month that will be mentally, physically, and spiritually challenging in the African bush of Tanzania. You and your team will work with long term contacts to complete pieces of a puzzle that have been designed and continually added to from previous years. Reach villages that have had little exposure to the name of Jesus, and help contacts further their mission with building projects. 
*Men only


UGANDA [ Evangelism ]

[ summer - 1 month ]

Lauren praying for boy.jpg

Travel to Uganda and preach the good news alongside “God’s Revival Church International.” You will be working closely with local pastors and will have opportunities to travel to remote villages, ministering through door to door evangelism, school/children’s ministry, and preaching in open air crusades to many people who have never heard the gospel. Your main focus will be evangelism, church service ministry, children’s ministry, and hut-to-hut visits.


UGANDA [ Orphans ]

[ summer - 1 month ]


Join Project Orphans where you will serve alongside our local Ugandan team as we continue to serve abandoned women, children and those living in extreme poverty in Uganda. During this trip, you will work within the Pearl Village and help create homes for women and/or children who have gone through horrific abuse as well as serve the local community through different humanitarian projects and education workshops. In addition, you will mentor and build deep relationships with our 40+ children who were either abandoned, orphaned or facing poverty at its worst. Lastly, you will work with many different schools, churches and organizations we partner within the slums of Uganda and help assist them with new developments and outreach opportunities. 


[ summer - 1 month ]


Partner alongside Overland Missions in Livingstone, Zambia as they serve indigenous communities in the bush of Zambia. This team will participate in hut to hut evangelism every day, along with weekly church services, children’s ministry, athletic ministry, healing ministry, and demonic deliverance. Every other night, participate in “Night Meetings” where a fire will be built accompanied by singing and dancing, followed by members giving testimonies and the gospel story to the local villagers. Build relationships with the locals, with indigenous church leaders, and with Overland’s missionaries.


ZIMBABWE [ Healing Team ]

[ summer - 1 month ]


A multi-discipline team of students who will be working on projects during the academic year in preparation for implementation to serve the people of Harare, Zimbabwe. This team focuses on bringing the healing of God into every man’s world through business, nursing, journalism, discipleship, and prayer.

Healing Team Special Requirements:

1. Additional training and project-based meetings outside of Big Team

2. Previous ministry and/or missions experience recommended

3. Interview with the Office of Global Service