[ summer - 1 month ]


Travel to Europe to work with local churches and pastors who have a heart to see their community and their nation come to know Christ. Your team will have the chance to minister to youth, children, and adults in local churches, take part in intercessory prayer services, and participate in outreaches to the homeless and gypsy communities.



[ summer - 1 month ]

Partner with Croatian Evangelistic Outreach Church where you’ll be able to serve a region of the world that has few evangelical Christians and churches. While there, you’ll have the opportunity to encourage and equip fellow Christ-followers while advancing the Gospel through the use of your skills, education, and other creative avenues.



[ summer - 2 weeks ]

Germany team.jpg

Serve the beautiful people of Cologne through outreaches that serve the elderly and refugee population of Cologne. You will be serving in the local church and volunteering in a soup kitchen that serves immigrants from other parts of the world. Your team will participate in service projects for the ministry, engage in street evangelism around the city, and share the love of Christ through nursing home ministry.



[ summer - 1 month ]


Go to the beautiful country of Greece and serve in both Athens and Thessaloniki through EME Ministries, Abba's House, and OneHope. You and your team will be able to minister to children, intercede for the nation of Greece through prayer walks and prayer services, and serve the contacts and their ministries by completing work projects on their campuses.



[ summer - 1 month ]


Travel to Athens, Greece for one month to partner with EME Ministries as you lead various groups of people in worship. Teach music classes, lead worship sets, and be a part of strengthening and encouraging the local church through worship. You may also have the chance to do community outreaches at subway stations in the surrounding area.

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[ summer - 2 weeks ]


Travel with your team to the beautiful country of Italy and spread the love and joy of Christ in Turin in the North West region, just south of the Alps. Get to partner with the church of MCE, right in the heart of Turin. You will be able to serve the church by doing work projects in helping complete their new church auditorium, street evangelism, interceding for the nation, and pouring into their young adult ministry.



[ summer - 2 weeks ]


Travel to the Eastern European country of Romania to the medieval city of Medias. Work with Romanian Evangelistic Medical Mission to aid in bringing medicine in one hand and the Gospel in the other. You and your team will partner with REMM as they share the Gospel of Christ through their outreaches to local children, ministry to Gypsies, ministry to poor families, assisting REMM with service projects on the base, investing in the local church, and a coffee house outreach center.



[ summer - 2 weeks ]

Come and serve the local church and be a part of local evangelism and reaching youth and young adults with the Gospel. You and your team will be a special part of God brining a fresh touch of His presence to the church of Scotland.



[ summer - 2 weeks ]


Partner with COM Church in the United Kingdom and be a part of what God is doing through the local church in discipleship and prayer. You will have the opportunity to serve in local church ministry, lead and be a part of intercessory prayer, as well as serve in local outreaches to youth and participate in home development projects for church members.