You can acquire community service hours for a behavioral science or humanities class either by attending a weekly outreach or by volunteering with an outside organization or one of ORU's Volunteer Outreach partners.


Volunteering with an ORU Scheduled Weekly Outreach

1. Attend one of ORU’s 15 Weekly Outreaches (see the full list at
2. Fill out the Online Documentation of Service Hours Form at 
3. Double check that you have received the confirmation email and keep a copy of it for your records!

Volunteering with an Outside Organization or one of ORU’s partner Volunteer Organizations

1. Choose an organization to work with. (Be sure to check out ORU’s partner organizations in Tulsa here). 
2. Before you go head to, click on “Class Service Hours Forms”, and download and print the “Service Hours Assessment Form”
3. Be sure to take the form to your outreach with you!  Your supervisor at the organization you volunteer with needs to sign and assess you before you leave.
4. After you go turn your completed form into your professor and fill out the Online Documentation of Service Hours Form at

*All hours must be submitted by November 17th in the Fall semester and April 13th in the Spring semester*


The Service Hours Assessment Form must be filled out if you are participating with an organization outside of the ORU's Weekly Outreaches. You will give the completed form directly to your professor.