Updates from the Field: Week 3

Thank you for your prayer and support for all of our 2-week summer missions teams. They have all safely landed back in the US. If you are interested in learning more about their trip, feel free to reference the weekly updates from weeks 1 and 2.


Team Brazil Amazon has finished yet another boat trip down the Amazon River where they worked on various construction projects, developed relationships with the locals, and shared the Hope of Jesus Christ. The team is gearing up for their final boat trip where they will spend the last week of their trip evangelizing to the locals, training leaders, and holding church services. 


Team Bulgaria has had a great third week with their contacts and has had the opportunity to minister to the youth and young adults in multiple churches and help with a conference geared towards reaching the next generation.


Team Cambodia had the opportunity to travel to another remote village near the Thailand border in the Otdar-Meanchey province. The team has been going house-to-house sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with people who have never heard of Jesus before. During these house visits the team is seeing many salvations and healings!

“As we were leaving the house of a woman who had just given her life to Christ, we saw her teenage daughter and some friends sitting in a little hut off to the side. We shared the gospel with them, but they were so shy! They wouldn’t even look at us while we were speaking. They kept staring at the wall. We found out that one of the girls was deaf in her right ear. We told her that Jesus could heal her. She wanted prayer and said that she believed in her heart it could happen. All three girls gave their life to Christ and the deaf girls ear was opened to hear for the first time! Her whole demeanor changed. She broke out the biggest smile and was filled with joy!! God is so powerful.” Kristen


Team Chile visited multiple schools this week where they got to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with Chile's next generation. God moved mightily and the team saw 21 children dedicate their lives to Christ! While sharing the love of Christ with the children in the schools, the team got the opportunity to also train the teachers on the various tools that they use within the classroom–skits, games, dances, songs, etc. As the team wrapped up week 3, they got to be a part of urban ministry and participate in two church services where they led worship and shared personal testimonies of God's redemptive story. While serving in the city, the team participated in a local street soccer game. Afterward, the team presented the Gospel and every player their dedicated their lives to Christ!


Team China switched it up this week and began teaching and sharing in local college classes. In pairs with some of the Chinese students, the team discussed various topics, such as, study habits, failture and success, and others. Many team members have developed relationships with the Chinese students on campus, which has helped the team when teaching classes. During the team's final week, they will be helping with an English Festival on the college campus. The festival will be a time for the Chinese students to learn English through art, games, and music. The team hopes to bring joy and community through these interactions. They are excited for what is to come!


Team Greece finished their time at Abba's House and have traveled to Athens since then. There they have had the opportunity to partner with their contacts to serve the local church in Greece and serve refugees from many different nations through various non-profits. Continue to pray for Team Greece as they serve many that have been displaced from their homes. 


Team Guatemala is enjoying ministry with their contacts. They have been working with Missions Impact by preparing for youth conferences and services they will be holding in the following weeks. They have also had the opportunity to partner with another non-profit, helping them strategies their vision and mission as they follow God's call. 

Team Guatemala is safe and sound from the eruption of the volcano. They are staying on the opposite side of Guatemala where they are out of the way of danger. The team has been praying for the people of this nation as they go through this difficult time. Please join Team Guatemala in prayer for the nation of Guatemala as they recover from this natural disaster.


Team India North has been busy putting on week-long and day-long camps for children and orphans. They have been doing ministry at camps through workshops, games, worship, and testimonies. The team also enjoyed a visit from some of the missions coordinators from the Missions & Outreach staff that came to support the team and connect with the contacts. Continue praying for India North as they serve the next generation in India. 


The team had the opportunity to start off their week by doing a prayer walk around Iwaki city and praying into what they felt the Holy Spirit placed in their hearts. The team also had the opportunity to experience the Japanese culture by taking a Tai chin and singing class from evacuees from the tsunami that hit 7 years ago. On Thursday they helped out at the farm of one of the church members where they got to serve by planting some crops and clearing some other areas to be ready for the planting season. On Friday the team got to take part in GMC’s open mic night and performed a few songs. To end the team's week off, they got to go to a local school to talk with some of the students so they could practice speaking English. Continue praying for team Japan as they bring the Gospel to people who may have never experienced or even heard of the love of Christ.


Team Kenya has continued building relationships with the staff and interns at ICC and has had several God moments with them as they've all become so close. The team went back to the same schools as last week and were able to teach the love of God, unity, and making good choices. It was great for the team getting to see the same kids again and hear their stories. In one of the classrooms that two of the members were teaching, the majority of the students gave their lives to Christ! Please pray for continued favor, health, discernment, and wisdom, for  joy and energy as the team goes back through their schedule, for breakthrough in the rough communities that are surrounded by corruption, for meaningful and influential goodbyes with all of those that they have built relationships with the school, and for an opportunity for the team to share the love of Christ with a school staff member they met and that her heart will be ready to receive. 


Team Malawi has had little wifi and cellular access over the last few weeks, but they are having a great time in Malawi. The leader wrote, “Everything has been great, the team gets along well, and our contacts are amazing! So stinking happy to be in Malawi!” The team has been working with a few after-school programs in Madison and Lilongwe. Some of the kids are kind of shy and hard to communicate with but others follow the team everywhere. They have been able to do skits, explain Bible stories, and pray for kids and their families.  They have also been doing community service projects like painting and yard work.  The kids and workers at the have been very friendly and welcoming to the team, and the host contacts have been “the absolute sweetest!” Please pray that the team would be able to share more about the Gospel, and also that they would not be discouraged by the times that they are not able to.


Team Myanmar just finished their time with the El Shaddai orphanage this past week. The saw the same kids all last week at the same orphanage and fell in love with them! The team also had the opportunity to continue supporting their local contacts, Full Gospel Assembly, by sharing the Gospel at their church's English service. Pray for strength and perseverance for the team, and for the team to continue having opportunities to share the Gospel with the people of Myanmar. 



Team Nepal is doing well! The team had the opportunity to participate in various church services and engage in multiple small groups where they had the opportunity to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Continue to pray for Team Nepal as they continue to be Christ to those around them. 


After another week at Serving Paraguay, the team is having a great time. The children really seem to enjoy their company and it’s been a real joy to see the rest of the team enjoy playing with the kids. In the morning, the girls teach English in the school while the team leader helps with work projects. In the afternoon, the majority of the team practices with the track program. Every night after dinner, most of the older kids play volleyball with our team before bed. The meals here have surpassed expectations in a good way. Some members have mentioned that they are homesick, but mainly only before bed. The language barrier has been a challenge for some members, but those who do not speak the language have taken on the posture of a learner and are attempting to learn Spanish and Guarani (a Paraguay dialect) through conversations with the kids. Several of the members have connected with the kids in a short amount of time. The team is bringing more unity to the kids on campus when they engage most of the children in the volleyball or soccer games. Please pray that the team would keep remembering their “why” and the reason why they are in Paraguay as they continue to serve the people of this nation.


This week, Team Philippines spent 7 hours clearing out a drainage unit for a ministry that takes in street kids. By clearing out this drainage unit this ministry would not have to worry about flooding during the rainy season. The team also traveled 6 hours to a different province for a worship conference and got to share their testimonies, put on multiple skits and build relationships with the people. The team also traveled to Tondo, one of the largest slums in the world, for two days. On the first day in Tondo the team was able to pray for families in the slums and speak life into them. That evening the team got to lead a youth night in Tondo, and two members shared their testimonies. Day two in Tondo the team got the chance to feed 600 people while three members shared their testimonies, performed 3 skits, shared the gospel, led two Bible studies, and prayed for more than 600 people. The following day the team went to two churches and shared two testimonies, shared the gospel, and put on a skit for a youth group meeting. Two German girls served with the team for the past two weeks and left this past Sunday. The team was able to pour into them and commission them as they head home to Germany and continue to glorify Jesus. Overall in ministry this week the team got the opportunity to impact over 3,000 people. Keep Team Phillipines in your prayers as they continue to be a light for the Gospel of Jesus Christ!


Team Singapore had the opportunity to serve at two St. Lukes Elderly Home locations. The majority of the members in these homes suffer from dementia. During the team's visits, they got the chance to hold various activities for the members, spend time with them, pray with them, and love them. The team has had a significant role in investing into their contacts and the employees of the elderly homes. They have been able to build relationships with them and encourage them throughout the week. Continue praying for Team Singapore as they share the love of Jesus.


This week, Team Cape Town participated in a prayer walk through Ocean View. In Ocean View, the team also got to speak life into the community by calling out leadership and identity in the people there. The team also got to hold three church services where the team got to share their testimonies, visited local hospitals to pray for the patients, continued building relationships with the people in Ocean View through playing soccer and art lessons, they facilitated a ropes course training for their contacts and their ministry, and continued their daily prayer times with their contacts, All Nations. During the week, the team got to see three people commit their lives to Christ! Continue praying for team South Africa Cape Town as they continue loving on the people of Ocean View, All Nations, and one another. This week they have the opportunity to baptize multiple people, including a few team members. Keep them up in prayer as they take this next step in their pursuit of Christ. 


Over the last three weeks, Team South Africa Joburg have assisted the Empowered 21 conference by helping with registration, setting up meals, and supporting the staff! The E21 conference opened doors for the team to meet people from all across Africa and gave them inside experience of running an international conference. The past two weeks consisted of doing door to door evangelism and youth ministry through the non-profit organization called Impact Africa. This type of ministry was initially challenging as the team learned to communicate the gospel to people living in squatter-houses as well as to those speaking different languages. However, the team has seen dozens of salvations, rededication's, and healings. The team has bonded well with the Impact interns living on the campus and to their drivers. The team has been doing great as they learn to strengthen their unity, pray for the people of South Africa, and serve their contacts. They are looking forward to their last week in South Africa! 


Team Tanzania continues to serve and support their contacts through Bible distribution and various work projects. Keep this team in your prayers as they finish off their trip with sharing the Gospel and giving Bibles to people who have never heard of the name of Jesus Christ before. Also, pray for the team as they have a lot of traveling in front of them before arriving back in the US. 


Team Uganda Evangelism is doing well and looking forward to their final week. They have had the opportunity to connect with some of the local pastors on the groups as well as start some street ministry through hut to hut. Continue to pray for the team as they continue sharing the Gospel message of Jesus Christ to many that have never heard of the name of Jesus before. 


This week the team went to Sanyu’s Babies Home, performed a work project at a home for a woman at Pearl Village, volunteered at Kampala School for the Physically Handicapped, completed a washroom work project for a family in Pearl Village, served the community of Jinja with medication and supplies, and led a devotional for the children of Project Orphans. Please pray for energy and perseverance for the team as they finish their last week in Uganda. 


Team Zambia has been engaged in hut-to-hut evangelism in the bush of Zambia. While evangelizing, the team has seen a number of healings and salvations.


Team Zimbabwe Healing is doing great as they continue to serve the people of Hatcliffe, Zimbabwe. Through various transformational projects, the team has been able to engage with the poor by using business, medicine, education, media, discipleship, and engineering to help their needs. In addition, the team has been able to partner with the local church to help share the Gospel with the community and disciple them as some of them have recently given their lives to Christ or still have yet to open their hearts to Him. The team also got a visit from a videographer from New York City who was capturing a story of all that God is doing. Continue praying for the Zimbabwe Healing Team as they engage with the people of Hatcliffe.