Updates from the Field: Week 1


Team Bolivia has arrived healthy and safe and are enjoying ministry! The team has spent their week connecting and building relationships with their contacts, doing work projects with the church, and working at an orphanage.



Team Brazil Amazon has landed in country and has been working with their contacts at Project Amazon.  They have already completed one building project boat trip and is getting ready to depart on their second. They have spent time in the evenings building relationships with villagers and sharing the message of God’s hope, personal testimonies, and love with the people as they build a church for their community



Team Brazil Healing has landed safely in Brazil and begun ministry in their different pods. The team visited a cashew processing plant, where the teams have been working for the last five years to assess and help improve economic solvency and stability for the people of the town.



Team Bulgaria has landed safely in country and with their contacts, and has had the opportunity to minister to the youth and young adults in multiple churches and help with a conference geared towards reaching the next generation.



Team Cambodia has arrived in country and been focused on evangelism and discipleship as they have preached the Gospel to strengthen the local church.  The team has enjoyed building lasting relationships, empowering the indigenous church to reach their own people, and interacting and working with the people on a daily basis.



Team Chile has arrived safely in country and have begun ministry with their contact! The team has partnered with OneHope Chile and has been doing school ministry at different schools throughout the city, visiting schools and sharing the Gospel message. They visit each location three times in order to build relationships with the teachers and students there. They’ve also had the opportunity to do prison ministry and share the hope of Jesus Christ to women in short-term and long-term prisons.



Week one in China has been full of adventure, learning, and fun! Upon arriving, the team toured the campus with the lead contact, got a run down for the month, and even started a basic Chinese class. On Wednesday they were able to prepare for primary school visits that will be happening throughout the month. They planned English teaching games to get the kids moving while still brushing up on their language skills! In the evening the team was able to interact with college students on campus. They were drawn to the team as the team was to them! Much of the team made great initial connections with these students. Now when they see them in passing, on the basketball court, or in the cafeteria, everyone is excited to see one another.  Thursday morning was their first primary school visit. It was a blast! The team split up between 5 classes of 30+ kids and taught the parts of the body along with the hokey pokey.  They concluded the visit by doing the daily stretches with the kids. In the afternoon they arrived at the second school. There were over 500 kids! They split into 5 groups and manned game stations that taught an English game to the kids. It was an energetic time of play! The kids loved learning games and they even taught the team a few! If you were to ask anyone on the team, Friday morning was definitely the highlight of the week.  The team traveled to a vocational high school in order to watch and perform in a music festival. The team was pleasantly surprised when over 300 students were seated in a large. After watching excellent songs, dances, and skits by Miao minority students, it was the team’s turn to bring it. They invited the students to dance with them on stage yet they were reluctant. The second song, Can’t Stop the Feeling by Justin Timberlake did the trick. About halfway through the song, 50 students joined our routine and had a big party in the middle of this giant courtyard of 300 students! Everyone loved it! When the team had a bathroom break later, the students followed after asking for pictures and hugs. In the midst of what could’ve been chaos, the team knew that because we carried something special, these students were drawn to us. Our contact let us know that at Chinese concerts, the attendees stay quiet and in their seats for the entirety of the set. Inviting them onstage was a new thing.  She explained that she’s been involved with high school visits for years but she’s never seen the type of joy and welcoming that our team embodies. On Saturday, the team was able to visit a small orphanage in the middle of a nearby town. It was a time of refreshment for the owners of the orphanage and the staff.  The team is looking forward to the next 3 weeks in China. Please pray for protection, unity, creativity, and energy in Team China!



Team Ecuador has arrived safely in country and has connected with their contacts! The team has had the opportunity to do multiple work projects throughout the week and work with different ministry partners of their contacts, GO International. They’ve also been doing various outreaches throughout the city such as helping at the local feeding ministry and the juvenile center.



Team Germany has arrived healthy and safe in country. They’ve connected with their contacts and are enjoying ministry. The team has had the opportunity to work at the Refugee Café with YWAM. They’ve also had the opportunity to reach out to families, kids, men and the elderly from Muslim countries.



Team Greece has arrived safely and are enjoying ministry with their contacts. The team has had the opportunity to work with Abba House and do afterschool activities with the kids.



Team Guatemala has arrived safe and healthy in country and are enjoying ministry with their contacts. They have been working with Missions Impact by preparing for youth conferences and services they will be holding in the following weeks.



Team India North has arrived safely in country! As most of their trip will consist of week-long and day-long camps for children and orphans, the team has been preparing material and getting ready for camp. They have also already begun ministry at camps through workshops, games, worship, and testimonies.



Team Italy arrived safely and healthy and are enjoying ministry with their contacts! Team Italy has been working with some of the youth at the church they are serving at in Turino, Italy.



Team Japan has arrived safely in country and have begun ministry! They have been working with PAZ Japan and have had the opportunity to do outreaches in the morning and afternoons. They’ve also had the opportunity to do street worship and connect with the homeless in Japan.



The entire team has enjoyed getting to meet their contacts and spend time with the ICC staff. They have had the privilege of building several relationships with them and can’t wait to continue this. This week they had the opportunity to go into several schools to teach with a program that allows pastors to preach for one hour a week. The team was spread into many classrooms ages 3-16. The team has partnered with several different ministries within ICC and been able to serve the community in a variety of capacities. On May 18th, the team was able to go into a prison and bring some encouragement. The ATL, Wyatt, preached a sermon on forgiveness and 7 people came to know Jesus.




Team Malawi has arrived safe in country and have begun ministry with their contacts! The team has had the opportunity to do an after school program with Urban Promise and are continuing to prepare for the next few weeks.



Team Myanmar has arrived safe and healthy and have connected with their contacts. The team has been working in an orphanage this past week and has also had the opportunity to engage in prayer with and for their contact’s ministry.



Team Nepal has arrived safe in country and are enjoying ministry with their contacts! The team has had the opportunity to serve the YWAM. They’ve also been able to do Bible studies with the women in the area and do outreaches in the village.



The team has arrived safely in Paraguay and begun ministry. The team has been partnering with Serving Paraguay in their local outreaches, tutoring students, engaging in children’s ministry, hosting after-school programs, and completing building projects



During their first week on the field, team Peru has served at a preschool each morning, engaged in sports ministry with kids on the streets in the afternoons, done street evangelism and prayer walks, preached, led worship, and shared testimonies at 2 church services, shared the Gospel and a testimony with kids on the street. On their first afternoon in Peru, the team was playing soccer with a group of street kids. During a water break, they shared the Gospel and 2 kids and a mother accepted Jesus! The team was also given the opportunity to lead a church service one night this week. The congregation responded really well and they were able to pray for each church member at the altar. It was a powerful and impactful time of prayer and ministry. Please pray that the team would continue to stay healthy, safe, and unified as we continue to serve and travel to a different city next week. Please also pray for increased opportunities to serve their contact and that he would feel encouraged and strengthened by their time there, and that God would open new opportunities and move mountains as the contact continues to expand his ministry— that he would have favor with political figures and donors and would be able to further land and ministry development. Lastly, please pray for increased opportunities to share the Gospel, see salvations, and communicate the hope and safety found in Jesus for the community who are living in poverty, and that the team would be a light and a comfort to the children they minister to who come from dark and difficult home lives. In the next week, the team will continue serving at the preschool, continue with sports ministry, lead 4 church services, travel to a new city, and help with a pop up dental clinic.



Team Philippines arrived safe and was warmly welcomed with fruit. For the first two days, the team prepped for youth camp and VBS for children. They also went through an orientation over the Philippines to learn about the people, history, and culture. The team helped with a two-day youth camp, served in a morning children’s service, shared the Gospel and two testimonies in an evening church service, and is now serving in VBS every morning and visiting the community during the evenings and praying for the families.



The team arrived in Romania and has already begun ministry—visiting schools to teach Bible lessons, preaching in churches, connecting with young women at an orphanage, and ministering and distributing food to gypsy families outside of the city. The team has had a great time connecting and building relationships with the contacts.



Team Scotland has arrived safely in country and have begun ministry with their contacts! The team has been involved in youth services, serving the church at local outreaches, and helping at the local church.



Team Singapore has arrived safely and are enjoying ministry with their contacts! They have had the opportunity to serve with TOUCH Community Services.



Team South Africa Cape Town has arrived safely in Cape Town, met the Ocean View community, and begunto engage with the community and build relationships. The team has reported that the new culture and experiences are drawing the team closer to the Lord, and that they are learning that they are called to love people instead of just preaching—Relationship over religion. Please pray for direction on how to bring the Gospel to Ocean View, for safety within the team, and that the team continues to live in the overflow of Jesus’ love, joy, and peace and that He shines through them



Team South Africa Joburg has arrived safely and are enjoying ministry with their contacts! They have had the opportunity to do high school ministry, teen ministry, and primary school ministry throughout the week. They have also had the opportunity to serve at the Empowered21 Conference in Johannesburg.



Team Tanzania has arrived safe and healthy in country and have begun ministry. The team has been serving their contact by doing work projects and evangelizing in the towns.



Team Uganda Evangelism has arrived safe and healthy in country and have begun ministry with their contacts! The team has had the opportunity to connect with some of the local pastors on the groups as well as start some street ministry through hut to hut.



Team Uganda Orphans has been volunteering at Sanyu Babies Home and Bless a Kid Foundation (a home for children with), setting up beds for the children, and playing with and ministering to kids. They went to the slums of Kampala to pray and evangelize, going home to home on a prayer outreach and holding a kids’ service. Praying home-to-home on Saturday, the team came in contact with a woman named Jennifer. She had been suffering from pain due to stomach ulcers for 18 years. Four team members had the opportunity to pray with her. After laying hands on Jennifer and coming together in agreement for healing in Jesus' name, Jennifer was completely healed and was experiencing no pain. The team has been experiencing increased transparency and the love of God. Please pray for continued vulnerability and honestly, that the team would God at the center and remember to love God and each other first, that their contacts would feel and receive support, and that the team would see restoration in the community simply through the lives that they touch



Team United Kingdom has arrived safely in country and have begun ministry with their contacts! The team has been involved in a few youth services, serving on church outreaches and helping at the local church.



After arriving, the team underwent an orientation and introduction to Zambian culture. Following, the team made a trip into town in order to prepare for a big night: meeting two Zambian Tribal Cheiftans! This was a huge honor that very few people get the opportunity to do! Both Chiefs combined are the highest authority over round 200,000 people in Zambia, and both men are believers and want to see a move of God in their tribes. The team was able to pray for them and with them, and then the Chiefs prayed for the team as well. On Thursday the team packed up and prepared to head into the bush of Zambia to do hut-to-hut ministry. Pray for the team that the Holy Spirit would be with them and strengthen them, and that they would see people delivered, redeemed, and saved by the awesome power of Jesus Christ.



Team Zimbabwe Healing has arrived safely in country and has begun ministry with their contacts. The team is working on a needs assessment in the community by hearing what the community needs and how they can begin to move out of poverty.