Updates from the Field: Week 2


Team Bolivia just finished their second and last week in country! They have had the opportunity to do work projects with the church they’re working with, evangelize every day, and work at an orphanage. The arrived back to the States on Monday!



The entire Team Brazil Amazon has made it in-country together and is finishing their second boat trip, sailing down the Amazon River to do construction projects at different locations. They have spent time in the evenings building relationships with villagers and sharing the message of God’s hope, personal testimonies, and love with the people as they build a church for their community. They will depart for their third boat trip in the next few days.



Team Brazil Healing finished ministry in their different pods and has begun their final case study reports for the community. After five years of ORU Healing teams working in the community of Carrilho assessing and helping to improve economic solvency and stability for the people of the town, the team concluded the case study. The team arrived in Tulsa earlier Monday morning.



Team Bulgaria has had a great second week with their contacts, and has had the opportunity to minister to the youth and young adults in multiple churches and help with a conference geared towards reaching the next generation.



Team Cambodia has arrived in country and been focused on evangelism and discipleship as they have preached the Gospel to strengthen the local church.  The team has enjoyed building lasting relationships, empowering the indigenous church to reach their own people, and interacting and working with the people on a daily basis.

This week, the team traveled near the Thailand border and has engaged in house-to-house Evangelism every day. The team also had the opportunity to preach at a cell group in the community. The team is working in a very remote village where the people have rarely heard of Jesus: Some have heard over the radio but never the full story or in person, and the team has seen around 20 salvations within the past 4 days and have connected each person with local pastors. The team has also seen healings and people receiving the Holy Spirit. Check out this testimony:

“On our second day of ministry, half of team Cambodia traveled to a convenience hut in rural Cambodia for ministry with two translators and one contact. Through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, even though our team was split between conversations with five different people at the convenience hut, three people gave their lives to Christ and two people who had been believers were encouraged in their faith. As our translator said, people here are ripe for the picking! The Lord is preparing people’s hearts here to come to Him, and we are honored to share His Gospel that brings them to Him!” -Caleb Mazzei

Pray for the team, that the Khmer people would be receptive to the Gospel and truly understand the weight of their decision to accept Christ, and that the local village Pastor the team is coming alongside would be encouraged and lead well. His congregation is growing from salvations within the village.



Team Chile just finished their second week of ministry with their contact! The team has partnered with OneHope Chile and has been doing school ministry at different schools throughout the city, visiting schools and sharing the Gospel message to youth and children. They visit each location three times in order to build relationships with the teachers and students there. They’ve also had the opportunity to do prison ministry and share the hope of Jesus Christ to women in two different short-term and long-term prisons.



Time has flown! Like week 1, Team China continued school visits and did the hokey pokey more times than they could count. In a land where sharing the Gospel is illegal, character-building and life-speaking take precedent. The team has been implementing “mini messages” into their lessons to empower the kids, and they’ve seen how much more receptive the students and teachers are to the love they show. They’ve had to be creative, but they’re having a blast doing it!

china 1.jpg



Team Ecuador has been doing Dream and Vision campaigns in which they get to ask people what their dreams are and encourage them to chase after the dreams God has given them. They have also had the opportunity again to serve at two different Compassion International projects and hangout with teenagers and children and share God's Word with them. They shared another message at the juvenile center and hung out with the boys. While there, a team member, Sydney, had the opportunity to share a word about her passions at the juvenile center. One of the boys really connected and had a lot of questions about how to figure out how to follow after the dreams God had given him despite the failures in his life. Another  team member felt the prodding of the Spirit to pray for someone, and in obedience prayed with him. Although he wasn’t a Christian he said he would like prayer. The team has been doing GOYO (go on your own) campaigns in which team members listen for the voice of the Holy Spirit and follow His leading to share God's love with people in the parks and streets. They also did a work project in which the team built a retaining wall for a home that rescues girls from trafficking. Please pray for God to grow the seeds the team planted in the people of Ecuador, for encouragement and comfort as they leave new friends behind, and for their contact's wife who had to be taken to the emergency room to have surgery. She is recovering now.




Team Germany enjoyed their second and final week of ministry in-country. The team has had the opportunity to reach out to families, kids, men and the elderly through church and youth services, as well as serving in a nursing home.




Team Greece had a great second week of ministry with their contacts. They faced some hardships during the week but all team members are safe and healthy. The team finished their last week in Thessaloniki working with Abba House and doing afterschool activities with the kids, and will be traveling soon to work in another city.



Team Guatemala is enjoying ministry with their contacts. They have been working with Missions Impact by preparing for youth conferences and services they will be holding in the following weeks.



Team India North has been busy putting on week-long and day-long camps for children and orphans. They have been doing ministry at camps through workshops, games, worship, and testimonies. The team also enjoyed a visit from some of the missions coordinators from the Missions & Outreach staff that came to support the team and connect with the contacts.



Team Italy has been busy with ministry with their contacts, prayer trips, and work projects! Team Italy has been serving the church in Torino, and has the frequent opportunity of working with some of the youth at the church they are serving at.



Team Japan has been working with PAZ Japan and have had the opportunity to do outreaches in the morning and afternoons. They’ve also had the opportunity to do street worship and connect with the homeless in Japan.



Team Kenya has continued building relationships with the staff and interns at ICC and has had several God moments with them as they've all become so close. The team went back to the same schools as last week and were able to teach the love of God, unity, teamwork, and value. It was great for the team getting to see the same kids again and hear their stories. During the week, the team had several opportunities to pray with people, share our stories, and dance with the locals, and were able to go to multiple ICC services and participate in two prayer meetings with the church. On Saturday they went to a spinal hospital and several of the members were able to pray and share hope with the hopeless. In one of the classrooms that two of the members were teaching, twenty students gave their lives to Christ! Please pray for continued favor, health, discernment, and wisdom, for  joy and energy as the team goes back through their schedule, for breakthrough in the rough communities that are surrounded by corruption, and for an opportunity for the team to share the love of Christ with a school staff member they met and that her heart will be ready to receive.




Team Malawi has had little wifi and cellular access over the last few weeks, but they are having a great time in Malawi. The leader wrote, “Everything has been great, the team gets along well, and our contacts are amazing! So stinking happy to be in Malawi!” The team has been working with a few after school programs in Madisi and Lilongwe. Some of the kids are kind of shy and hard to communicate with but others follow the team everywhere. They have been able to do skits, explain Bible stories, and pray for kids and their families.  They have also been doing community service projects like painting and yard work.  The kids and workers at the have been very friendly and welcoming to the team, and the host contacts have been “the absolute sweetest!” Please pray that the team would be able to share more about the Gospel, and also that they would not be discouraged by the times that they are not able to.



Team Myanmar has been working with orphanages all week long. They have seen a few healings and orphans who are eager for love and truth. Some kids got to meet their Heavenly Father this week and become a part of the united Church in Myanmar. The team has visited rural villages, participated in youth services, went to a rural village church and saw three healings, and partnered with their contact and have been involved in several prayer meetings  The team is asking for prayers for health and spiritual heaviness that’s been on their hearts due to the conflicting religions in the city. The team is learning to love well and be obedient to what the Lord is saying.


Team Nepal is doing well! This past week, Team Nepal spent two days doing ministry at the church and three days doing some work projects (two work projects at the YWAM base and one at one of the village churches in the mountains). The team had some really good interactions with the local pastor there and some of the other church leaders as well as the YWAM staff at the base. They have spent a lot of time getting to know them for the sake of encouraging them going forward. The team’s work project at the base consisted of us building a couple small brick walls and laying gravel to prevent water damage during the rainy season and then painting a tower for their water tanks. The second work project involved the team knocking down a wall at a village church that had been damaged by the 2015 earthquake and then moving bricks so they can rebuild the wall. In the team’s church ministry, they helped run a women’s meeting one day and then ran the children’s service and preached the message at church during Saturday’s service. This next week the team will be doing more church ministry mostly involving some small groups. The team is very excited about the next few weeks!



After a full week at Serving Paraguay, the team is having a great time. The children really seem to enjoy their company and it’s been a real joy to see the rest of the team enjoy playing with the kids. In the morning, the girls teach English in the school while the team leader helps with work projects. In the afternoon, the majority of the team practices with the track program. Every night after dinner, most of the older kids play volleyball with our team before bed. The meals here have surpassed expectations in a good way. Some members have mentioned that they are homesick, but mainly only before bed. The language barrier has been a challenge for some members, but those who do not speak the language have taken on the posture of a learner and are attempting to learn Spanish and Guarani (a Paraguay dialect) through conversations with the kids. The team also received a new contact on the field this week. Several of the members have connected with the kids in a short amount of time. The team is bringing more unity to the kids on campus when they engage most of the children in the volleyball or soccer games. During the Wednesday night devotional, Amy shared her testimony with the older girls in the home and two sisters were very moved by it. God’s presence was evident as He brought healing into their hearts as they forgave their parents for feelings of abandonment. For the boys’ devotional, Ben and the boys went into the woods and made a bonfire, and he shared his testimony and talked about the importance of vulnerability and identity. After the devo, he invited anyone to share their thoughts. It was really cool to see some of the older boys from the home get up and apologize and ask for forgiveness to the younger boys for some past rude behavior. Please pray that the team would keep remembering their “why” and the reason why they are in Paraguay.



Team Peru enjoyed their second and final week of ministry with their contacts. This week, the team continued serving at the preschool, continued with sports ministry, led 4 church services, traveled to a new city, and helped with a pop-up dental clinic.




This past week, Team Philippines helped facilitate and work a worship conference, while some invested into the contacts and their children. The team served many hours in children’s ministry and shared testimony’s and encouragements in church. The wrapped up a week of VBS and held a graduation for all the children who finished their VBS courses. The team also enjoyed a visit from some of the missions coordinators from the Missions & Outreach staff that came to support the team and connect with the contacts.




Team Romania had a great final week of ministry visiting schools to teach Bible lessons, preaching in churches, connecting with young women at an orphanage, and ministering and distributing food to gypsy families outside of the city. The team has had a great time connecting and building relationships with the contacts.



This week, Team Scotland did street evangelism in various communities around Glasgow including the inner city, the south side, Rutherglen, Clydebank, Drumchapel, and Stirling.  They have been talking with people on the street, doing outreach for Destiny Church who we are partnering with, and praying with people. They also helped invite people to Destiny United, a service the church does a few times a year when all seven Destiny Church campuses in Glasgow combine.  They then served as stewards and worked with the kids at the service. During the week, the team partnered with Bold, the college-aged group of Destiny Church, and did an outreach night with them talking to people on the street about Jesus and inviting them to church. The team ministered to the homeless on the streets of Glasgow, bringing them food and hot chocolate, loving on them, and praying for them. They also got to learn from one of the lead pastors of Destiny Church, Pastor Craig, when they sat in on a lesson on preaching and teaching. Different members of the team visited all seven of the Destiny Church Glasgow campuses, where some of got to share their testimonies with the congregations, lead worship, act as stewards, and serve the church in various ways. Check out this testimony:

“Saturday, our team went to the city center in Stirling to invite people to church and a healing meeting that was that Sunday. One member was walking with one of the guys down the main street, and she saw a homeless man sitting on the side and felt like she needed to talk to him. So, she went up to the man and asked him how he was doing and how long he had been on the street, and she handed him the flyer. The flyer opened up the conversation about church, and she asked him what he thought about church. He said that he used to go to a Catholic church, and he didn’t like it because of the routine. He knew that God cared for him, and he knew about Jesus, but he didn’t know about the personal relationship that you can have with Jesus. He then went on to talk about how he had problems with drugs and how he had short term memory loss about certain things. He also told us that he does not understand how people can have so many good things happen to them. She explained to him who Jesus truly is and the personal relationship that you can have with him and how we need him to come to the Father and have eternal life. He said that he would like to have that relationship, and she led him in the prayer to receive Jesus.” – Emily Goodwin



Team Singapore has enjoyed their second week of ministry with their contacts! They have had the opportunity to serve with TOUCH Community Services.



This week, Team Cape Town led the youth, young adult and kids services for Hopetown, connected more with the community in OceanView by talking to them and playing soccer, led house church, and took part in hospital ministry and talked to many patients as well as prayed with and for them. During team debriefing , the team has been growing closer to each other and closer to the Lord by being open with each other and loving and encouraging one another. The team leader KeShawn delivered a word during house church and the missionaries and contacts were able to revived and encouraged. Tori also gave her testimony to the youth group and a number of lives were positively affected. The kids at the kids ministry were inspired to love their friends and families and were encouraged in continuing to get to know Jesus more and more.



Team South Africa Joburg has arrived safely and are enjoying ministry with their contacts! They have had the opportunity to do high school ministry, teen ministry, and primary school ministry throughout the week. They have also had the opportunity to serve at the Empowered21 Conference in Johannesburg.



The team is doing well in Tanzania. They spent the first week in Dar Es Salaam at a Free Pentecostal Church of Tanzania (FPCT) location. There they moved and stacked hundreds of boxes. These boxes contained several types of books. The books were organized to create small resource libraries for pastors throughout regions in Tanzania. This was very labor intensive as it involves lots of heavy lifting of boxes. Additionally they went to various churches around Dar on Sunday and encouraged the congregations. They also spent time evangelizing and praying for people in Dar, using soccer as a primary method of building relationships. Next, the team flew to the island of Zanzibar (98% Muslim with only ~500 Christians) Wednesday morning and met at a local Tanzania Assemblies of God church where we distributed the libraries to many pastors who gathered. It was a special time as many of the pastors do not regularly if ever come together, so this helped bring much-needed unification. Two of the team members spoke to encourage the church leaders. After the meeting, the team did some more evangelizing in Zanzibar, and the team recently flew back to Dar. It is the month of Ramadan here, and with the dominant Muslim culture, everyone (except for some tourists) abstains eating and drinking during the sunlight. To mind the culture, the team does not publicly eat or drink as well. The team has been serving the contact well, supporting him and his new wife with prayer and encouragement. The plan is to travel to a couple of places to distribute more libraries & Bibles. On Monday the team drive to locations that are 3 hours then 15 hours away. The health of the team has been overall decent with no major problems and only temporary setbacks.
Please keep the team in your prayers, specifically that they will continue to do the Lord’s Will, regardless of schedule changes or location.


Team Uganda Evangelism has arrived safe and healthy in country and have begun ministry with their contacts! The team has had the opportunity to connect with some of the local pastors on the groups as well as start some street ministry through hut to hut.



This week the team helped flip a home, orchestrated education youth and children's services, volunteered at Sanyu Babies Home and Bless a Child Foundation, performed a work project building a washroom for a family in a rural village, organized clothes and medicines to be donated, and took the Project Orphans children to the wildlife center in Entebbe, Uganda.This week the team also enjoyed a visit from some of the Missions Coordinators on staff. The team shared that the MCs brought so much joy to and truly refreshed the team. The team’s driver, Juma, was a Muslim; however, during a service that the team and the contact put on for children, Juma accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior. The contact believes that Juma truly saw God’s love through the way the team loves one another in a way that he hasn’t seen before. Please pray for the team for new perspective and a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit, that they would see continual vulnerability and transparency as they continue the healing process our team is in.



Team United Kingdom enjoyed their second and final week of ministry with their contacts! The team has been involved in a few youth services, serving on church outreaches and helping at the local church.



Team Zambia has been engaged in hut-to-hut evangelism in the bush of Zambia. While evangelizing, the team has seen a number of healings and salvations.



Team Zimbabwe Healing has had an exciting first two weeks in Zimbabwe. The education team has been visiting the school they are working with and meeting with the principal and teachers. The health team has had health educational meetings, partnered with and empowered Celebration Health, and are currently working on getting clearance to shadow nurses in the clinics/hospitals. The business team has been partnering with local businessmen to help replicate and initiate new sustainable businesses in Hatcliffe. The media team has been filming/taking pictures and then writing stories on key people who we are empowering here in Hatcliffe. The theology team has been consistently working with and lifting the arms of the local pastors. They have been leading women's groups and men's groups while helping prepare church services. The environmental team has been partnering with Foundations of Farming to help implement wicking bed gardens in the community. The engineering team has been collecting data and continuing their implementation of the latrines. The whole team has been visiting the community everyday, praying for the community members, playing with the kids, and empowering our contacts. The team has seen healings, salvations, and rededications, as well as a lot of breakthrough as a healing team and what God has been lining up for quite some time. His faithfulness with certain projects has come to pass! They have also seen team members step out of their comfort zone and be bold for Jesus' sake. Please pray that team leans on Jesus before each other, that the team would be a breath of fresh air to them and be able to make their load lighter, and that the people would know the heart of the Father and what that kind of love truly feels like.