Updates from the Field: Week 2


Team Bolivia just finished their second and last week in country! They have had the opportunity to do work projects with the church they’re working with, evangelize every day, and work at an orphanage. The arrived back to the States on Monday!



Team Brazil Amazon has been able to lay the foundation and concrete floors of a church along the Amazon River. They were also able to lead women’s bible studies, small groups, and had the opportunity to share the Gospel through making bracelets and distributing them to the local community. The Lord used the team’s testimonies to move the hearts of those they have encountered including a group of local boys who worked on the church with them. The group of boys shared how their friendship with the team has greatly impacted their lives and their walk with Christ.

Please continue to pray for good health among the team, safe travels down the river, and that the Lord would continue to work through the team to minister to those they encounter this coming week.



Team Bulgaria had a great second week with their contacts. This week the team had the opportunity to prepare the local church for a prayer meeting hosted by the pastors. They also had the chance to lead youth outreaches, lead worship in local parks, and participate in street evangelism. In addition, they had the opportunity to serve the local church and share testimonies. The people in Bulgaria are hungry and on fire for the Lord! The team also had a great time leading children’s ministry focusing on raising up the next generation. No act is too small for the Lord to use. Whether it is a kind work or preaching the Gospel, the Lord can move through it. We have been floored by the hospitality shown to us by the gypsy people and the joy they have with little earthly possessions. The team expressed that their hearts have been burdened for the Church in Sofia and are very honored to serve along side them!

Continue praying that our contacts would be encouraged, uplifted by the team’s words, actions, and prayers while they are in Bulgaria. Pray that the Lord would continue to move in the gypsy community and that their hearts would be opened to truth. Pray that they would look to seek God’s truth about their purpose in life and that their dreams would not be tampered down by their circumstances. Pray that the team would grow in unity as one unit as they continue to grow closer to each other and learning how to love one another better.




The team has had an awesome time getting to know their contacts and exploring the city of Siem Reap. They had a chance to go to the home of the full time Overland missionaries and they shared their vision for Cambodia. On Thursday of last week, they headed out to their first village and have now completed five days of house to house evangelism. They had the chance to partner with a local pastor in the village and were able to pour into him and encourage him to keep investing into the surrounding community. The team also had the opportunity to do kids ministry, play soccer games with the locals, and perform skits to connect with the children in the village. The team has seen salvations and healings, and a hunger to know Jesus! There are a lot of people in the village who have never heard the Gospel before. Please be praying over the spiritual atmosphere of the village due to Buddhism and the worship of ancestral spirits, as well as the health of the team as they minister in 100+ degree temperatures! 



Team Croatia just finished their second and last week in country! They have had the opportunity to do work projects with the local church and bring rest and encouragement to their contacts. The arrived back to the States on Monday!


Team Chile just finished their second week of ministry with their contact! The team has partnered with OneHope Chile and has been able to participate in school ministry at various schools throughout the city. During these times visiting the schools the team has been able to share the Gospel message to the youth and children. They’ve also had the opportunity to do prison ministry and share the hope of Jesus Christ to women in two different short-term and long-term prisons.



Time has flown! Like week 1, Team China continued school visits and did the hokey pokey more times than they could count. In a land where sharing the Gospel is illegal, character-building and life-speaking take precedent. The team has been implementing “mini messages” into their lessons to empower the kids, and they’ve seen how much more receptive the students and teachers are to the love they show. They’ve had to be creative, but they’re having a blast doing it!



During the last week of ministry for Team Ecuador, they were able to lead a church service with Cordero de Dios where each member had the opportunity to share their testimony in front of the entire congregation; including a sermon from the team leader, Annelise. There were three confirmed healings after team members were able to pray over the members of the church. The team also lead a VBS for the local children and participate in street evangelism in the community they served in. The team visited three different Compassion International sites and helped serve food and minister to over 225 children total. They were able to pray over each pastor and their ministries. Throughout the services, the team was able to witness over 100 salvations. For the last week, the team continued to participate in the Creative Campaigns of GoInternational. In addition, they were able to share the love of God to Ecuadorians, Venezuelans, and even Australians and other tourists. They had the opportunity to aid in the rededication of someone’s life to God. Through different kinds of evangelism and “treasure hunting”, they provided people with words from the Holy Spirit and encourage them back to their calling. The team got to cook dinner at a human trafficking safe house where they got the opportunity to pour into the women and their children who were rescued. They were extremely excited to complete their second week of ministry. The team was thankful for how the Lord had used them and were able to be apart of His work in the nation of Ecuador.

Please continue to pray for good health among the team members as they adjust back to the States. Pray for the juvenile center, human trafficking victims, Compassion International, children of Ecuador, and church pastors of Ecuador. The team arrived back safely to the States on Monday.

ecuador 2.jpg



Team Germany enjoyed their second and final week of ministry in-country. The team has had the opportunity to reach out to families, kids, men and the elderly through church and youth services, as well as serving in a nursing home. They arrived safely back to the States on Monday!



Team Greece had a great second week of ministry with their contacts. The team has seen the beauty in celebrating the little things and giving glory to God all the time. They realized that it is all worth it to go after the ‘one’ and pursuing the lost.

Continue praying for good health among the team. Pray for open hearts, wisdom and that the team would be a vessel to what the Lord is wanting to do in Greece. Pray that the team would lay down their own agenda’s and be sensitive to the Holy Spirit. Pray for ideas, strategies, and opportunities to bless the contacts. Pray that the contacts receive rest, feel encouraged, and that divine opportunities to share the love of Jesus through conversations would be made.



Team Guatemala is enjoying ministry with their contacts. They have been working with Missions Impact by preparing for youth conferences and services they will be holding in the following week. Please pray for strength for the team and for safe travels as they plan to travel to Columbia during their fourth week serving at the E21 conference with ORU’s president, Dr. William M. Wilson. Pray that God would use the team mightily and that God would be glorified.



Team India North has been busy putting on week-long and day-long camps for children and orphans. They have been doing ministry at camps through workshops, games, worship, and testimonies. The team has finished their third camp of their trip. They have also been doing work projects and then will be traveling to Kadapa for the last camp.

Continue praying for strength and good health for Team India as they going into the last two weeks of their trip.



Team Italy finished their second and last week in-country, and arrived back into the US on Monday.


Team Jamaica finished their second and final week of ministry. They had the opportunity to lead daily school assemblies, after school programs, and assist in the elementary school classrooms. The team led a children’s ministry program this past Sunday. The team also got to spend time at a special needs home. The TL, Christa, led a young girl to salvation during a small group discussion with a few girls. The team has continued to see individual breakthrough that has led to a collective breakthrough as a team.

Please continue to pray for the team as they adjust back to the States and for the continued work through the contacts in Jamaica.


This week, team Japan helped out in a local campus ministry, where they met up with local university students and connected with them + invited them to events. They played games with them and made friends. The team also had the opportunity to participate in some street ministry where they went to local town squares and streets, meeting people to build relationships, and connect them to events and Lifehouse Church. The team also took part in “Language Exchanges,” where they met people they invited to events to befriend them and share life with them, as well as invite them to church on Sunday. At church they helped set up/tear down Lifehouse church services.

The team has been able to build some amazing friendships between the ORU team and Lifehouse staff/contacts. There are also genuine friendships forming with students and other people in the city. The team has seen God answering their prayers!

Please pray for health — both mental and physical — and for energy, that they can do the ministry/outreaches with the joy of the Lord.



This week Team Kenya continued teaching in the classrooms on concepts like "teamwork” and biblical stories. They visited a sister church of their contact’s and painted the outside of their sanctuary for them. They also shared two messages in a juvenile prison and 32 children gave their lives to Jesus. It was an incredible day. The team went to the University of Nairobi to make connections with students and minister to them. Finally, the team also went to a spinal hospital to minister to, encourage, and pray over patients.

Please pray for health among team members as they approach the halfway point in the trip. Pray that the Lord helps them remain diligent in being spiritually prepared for whatever the day brings.



Kenya Healing has had the opportunity to invest into the community of the Mully Foundation where they have been able to learn and share tools in both, professional and ministry practices. Pray that the team will continue to develop deep relationships with those at the Mully Foundation and to encourage them in the dynamic work they are doing to help the impoverished and orphaned in many communities surrounding them. Also pray for strength for the team as they are going into their final weeks in Kenya.



Team Malawi has had little wifi and cellular access over the last few weeks, but they are having a great time in Malawi. The team has been working with a few after school programs in Madisi, Salima, Blayntyre, and Lilongwe. They have also been doing community service projects like painting and yard work.  The kids and workers have been very friendly and welcoming to the team, and the host contacts have been “the absolute sweetest!” Please pray that the team would be able to share more about the Gospel, and also that they would not be discouraged by the times that they are not able to.



Team Myanmar has been working with orphanages all week long. They have seen a few healings and orphans who are eager for love and truth. Some kids got to meet their Heavenly Father this week and become a part of the Church in Myanmar. The team has visited rural villages, participated in youth services, went to a rural village church and saw three healings, and partnered with their contact and have been involved in several prayer meetings.  The team is asking for prayers for health and spiritual heaviness that’s been on their hearts due to the conflicting religions in the city. The team is learning to love well and be obedient to what the Lord is saying.



The team just finished their second and final week at Serving Paraguay. The children really seem to enjoy their company and it’s been a real joy to see the rest of the team enjoy playing with the kids. The team was able to bring unity to the kids on campus when they engaged most of the children in the volleyball or soccer games. The team was also able to teach various small groups and invest into the contacts during their time in Paraguay. The team arrived back to the States on Monday safely. Please continue to pray for the team as they adjust back to the States and continue to pray for our contacts, Serving Paraguay.



Team Peru enjoyed their second and final week of ministry with their contacts. This week, the team continued serving at the preschool, continued with sports ministry, led 4 church services, traveled to a new city, and helped with a pop-up dental clinic. Team Peru arrived back in the states on Monday! Continue to pray for Savage Ministries, our contact in Peru, and for the team as they adjust back to being in the States.



This past week, Team Philippines helped facilitate an evangelism training session with the youth group and then went out into the community to share the gospel through house visits. The team led a mobile kids outreach in two different communities reaching over 60 children, most of whom do not attend church. The following week the team led VBS for 5 days in Antipolo. Along with growing relationships with the church and the youth, they were able to reach 90 children everyday with the Gospel. God’s joy and love was seen present in every child. Other days they spent attending different churches in the province, preaching, sharing testimonies, and supporting the Christian communities. The have also been inducted into the culture and have continued settling into the community of Antipolo.

Please pray for the team as they begin to do ministry in the slums this upcoming week and continue sharing God’s love to the lost and hurting.

philipines 2.jpg



Team Romania had a great final week of ministry visiting schools to teach Bible lessons, preaching in churches, connecting with young women at an orphanage, and ministering and distributing food to gypsy families outside of the city. The team has had a great time connecting and building relationships with the contacts.



This week, Team Scotland did street evangelism in various communities around Glasgow including the inner city, the south side, Rutherglen, Clydebank, Drumchapel, and Stirling.  They have been talking with people on the street, doing outreach for Destiny Church who we are partnering with, and praying with people. They also helped invite people to Destiny United, a service the church does a few times a year when all seven Destiny Church campuses in Glasgow combine.  They then served as stewards and worked with the kids at the service. The team ministered to the homeless on the streets of Glasgow, bringing them food and hot chocolate, loving on them, and praying for them.

The team arrived safely back to the States on Monday. Please pray for them as they adjust back to being in the States and please continue to pray for our contacts, Destiny Church as they continue to share the greatest News ever told to those around them.


This week the team moved on to work with Life Christian Foundation (LCF). The team has been serving at a soup kitchen for the homeless where they have seen multiple healings. They also visited two universities to hang out with the students, do radio interviews, and encourage the Christian students on campus. They hosted indigenous games for the team to learn and play. They loved getting to know the local college students who were the same age and learn more about their life and what struggles they have. The team also got to share testimonies, took a ton of pictures, and got to spend time conversing about life with the local university students. They took part in a Jesus film outreach in the slums where the tea saw a multitude of salvations and got the opportunity to pray for the community. The power actually went out in the middle of the film, that was being powered by a generator, so the whole entire community began to show up. They cheered, asked questions about God, and were in awe of the Gospel story.

Please pray that the church in South Africa is hungry for the Holy Spirit and to powerfully experience His presence. Pray that the team would continue making relationships at the soup kitchen and that the team would have strength and good health going into the next two weeks.

This week a group of us were given the chance to go to Val Palsy school which is a school for kids with cerebral palsy. While I was there my heart broke because I wanted every single one of them to get miraculously healed, but as I began playing with the kids God showed me what his joy truly looked like. Even though the kids couldn’t walk or speak “normally” they were filled with joy. In the afternoon, I was processing what I saw and my ATL, Miguel, shared something that gave me peace about not being able to see healing. He said if we continue to keep our eye on Jesus and his kingdom, the word “normal” should begin to fade out of our vocabulary. Of course we should continue believing in the healing power of God but we shouldn’t be focused on praying that the children become “normal.” We should be praying that God’s will be done in their lives and not judge their lives off of what we deem is normal and correct.” - Katlin



Team Tanzania are working hard and working diligently. During the week they have very limited WiFi access since they are working with remote villages south of Kigoma, Tanzania. During their time, the team has the opportunity to work alongside of PEFA who have been working with various unreached people groups throughout different regions in Tanzania. During the team’s second week, they had the chance to carry building supplies for local churches that the villagers are excited to build. The team is continuing to help build, carry, and construct projects for the local believers in these areas to be able to equip and encourage them in their walk with God. On Sundays and various times throughout the week, the team is given opportunities to share their testimonies and sometimes preach to the local communities. God is moving greatly in these areas and many who have never heard the Gospel are being revealed to the greatest Truth on earth.

Pray for safety for the team and strength for their bodies. They are doing a lot of manual labor during their time in Tanzania. Also pray for the local believers that they would be strengthened and encouraged in their walk with God. Pray that God will use them to help share the Gospel with surrounding villages that have yet to ever hear the name of Jesus.



Team Uganda Evangelism has been building relationships with community members and the local church. The team has had the opportunity to connect with some of the local pastors on the groups as well as start some street ministry through hut to hut. Please pray for strength and good health for the team as they adjust and bring the love of Christ to Uganda.

uganda evang.jpeg



This week the team participated in work projects such as helping to lay a foundation for an outhouse for one of the families in the community. The team also has had opportunities to participate in both, children’s and youth services where they had chances to lead those times, sharing testimonies and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Continue to pray for strength for the team, for good health, and for there to be more opportunities to share the identity found in life with Christ.



Team UK has finished their second and final week of ministry. The team has been participating in work projects at a care home and a resident of the Dunstable community by gardening and painting. They also prepared and cooked a meal for the homeless community in Tottingham. The team has invested into the contacts by cleaning and helping at COM church. They also had the opportunity to volunteer in the Big Church Day Out music festival which sees over 25,000 in attendance. At this event the team saw hundreds of salvations during an alter call at the end of the first night of the festival. After visiting homeless shelters the team has had a fresh perspective and compassion for God’s children. The team shared God’s love just by spending time with a disabled man whose mother had dementia. The team was able to pray and speak life into this man afterwards.

Please pray that seeds in individuals of the Dunstable community will be cultivated and produce a harvest. Pray that the team will not lose heart and that they will continue to serve the Lord just as passionately on the missions field as off the field. The team arrived back into the States safely on Monday. Pray for them as they adjust back to being Stateside.



Team Zambia has been engaged in hut-to-hut evangelism in remote areas of Zambia. While evangelizing, the team has seen a number of healings and salvations. The team has had the opportunity to pray for healing over the sick and each time God has met them and people have been healed.

Please continue praying for good health and strength over the team as they go into their last two weeks of ministry.