Updates from the Field: Week 3

Thank you for your prayer and support for all of our 2-week summer missions teams. They have all safely landed back in the US. If you are interested in learning more about their trip, feel free to reference the weekly updates from weeks 1 and 2.


Team Brazil Amazon has finished yet another boat trip down the Amazon River where they worked on various construction projects, developed relationships with the locals, and shared the Hope of Jesus Christ. The team is gearing up for their final week of ministry in a different city along the Amazon River. For their final week they will be in the city of Manaus. Please continue to pray for strength and endurance for the team, as well as praying for what God is doing through the local contacts in Brazil.



Team Bulgaria has had a great third week with their contacts and has had the opportunity to minister to the youth and young adults in multiple churches and help with a conference geared towards reaching the next generation. Pray for strength and perseverance as the team goes into their final week of ministry before coming home.


Team Cambodia had the opportunity to travel to another remote village near the Thailand border. The team has been going house-to-house sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with people who have never heard of Jesus before. During these house visits the team is seeing many salvations and healings! The team has had the opportunity to lead children’s ministry in remote villages and teach bible lessons. Pray for the team as they finish strong in the ministry the Lord has led them in.


Team Chile visited multiple schools this week where they got to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with Chile's next generation. The team got to be a part of urban ministry and participate church services where they led worship and shared personal testimonies of God's redemptive story. Continue to pray for Team Chile as they continue to present the Gospel to the communities they are serving in. Pray for safe travels as they finish their last week of ministry before coming home to the States.



Team China has continued ministering through education. Many team members have developed relationships with the Chinese students on campus, which has helped the team when teaching classes. The team hopes to bring joy and community through these interactions. Continue to pray for team China as they go into their last week of ministry.


Team Greece has had the opportunity to partner with their contacts to serve the local church in Greece and serve the community members through various non-profits. Continue to pray for Team Greece as they serve many that have been displaced from their homes and bring the hope of the simple Gospel to those who are lost. After spending weeks 1 and 2 in Thessaloniki, the team spent week 3 in Athens and will spend their final week in Athens as well.


Team Guatemala is enjoying ministry with their contacts. They have been building stoves for low income families as well as installing them into homes. As a team they built 10 stoves and installed 5 of them which relieved their contacts. They worked with an organization called Wife Berta and ministered to women through sewing and making soap. The team had the opportunity to minister to high school students by performing skits, playing games, and having team members, Kaylee and Darwin, share testimonies. Three members also led worship for the students. Our team also headed towards the mountains to help their contacts build around their property and the team was able speed the process up by 2 weeks of work. The contacts have been so blessed by the team, through their investment and encouraging their ministry.



Team India North has finished up their third bible camp in Ongole. Over 100 children came and learned about Jesus through Gospel skits, songs, dances, and bible lessons. Our contacts taught us Indian dances that we performed for the kids in typical Indian dress. The team did a two-day work project that consisted of painting scripturally themed art on the walls of one of the CCH boys’ homes. The team has traveled to Kadappa where they will host their final camp before traveling home. This week our team had several opportunities to pray for people we weren’t expecting to encounter. Unlike the other weeks of ministry, we have been able to interact this week with more adults, and that has been a blessing in itself. Our team got the chance this week to pray for the son of one of our contacts here in India. He is sick and we were able to pray for healing for him. We were also able to stop in a village on the way to Kadappa to pray for our contact’s great aunt. This was a special moment for our contact, as his grandmother grew up in that village and was the first christian in his family. Here, we had the opportunity to pray for a woman in the village with polio. After spending time with her in prayer, she thanked us all individually and invited us to stay with her forever. Additionally, one of our team members (Nicole) spent two days in the kitchen with the women from the boys’ home while the rest of the team painted the walls. She was able to develop strong relationships with them, and at the end of their time together, they blessed her by giving her ice cream and putting flowers in her hair. This sacrifice blessed Nicole to the point of tears. God has blown our team away this week by his faithfulness to show up in the mundane moments of travel and provide divine appointments.

Please be praying for our team as they enter their last week of ministry in India. Pray for endurance, strength, and fresh eyes to see the Lord at work. Continue praying against sickness and for healings in the communities team India would encounter this week.



The team had the opportunity to start off their week by doing a prayer walk around the city and praying into what they felt the Holy Spirit placed in their hearts. The team also had the opportunity to experience the Japanese culture. The team will be spending the last week in Iwaki, working with our contacts there. During this time they have a unique experience of interacted with many affected from a large tsunami a few years ago as well as encourage the local church and believers in the city. Continue praying for team Japan as they bring the Gospel to people who may have never experienced or even heard of the love of Christ.


Team Kenya has continued building relationships with the contacts and has had several God moments with them as they've all become so close. The team also got to continue their school ministry during 3 days of the week, and 2 others were spent doing street evangelism. The team saw 7 people come to know Christ for the first time and 2 people healed through prayer. The team was encouraged and learned practical ways to take evangelism back to the States with them. The team was also able to pray and open new doors for their contacts to work with an Indian-run and mostly Hindu school. The team had the chance to pray for the founder. Pray with us for the school and the future relationships that will be built through this partnership.

Please pray for continued favor, health, discernment, and wisdom, for  joy and energy as the team goes back through their schedule, for breakthrough in the rough communities that are surrounded by corruption, for meaningful and influential goodbyes with all of those that they have built relationships with the school, and for an opportunity for the team to share the love of Christ with a school staff member they met and that her heart will be ready to receive. 


Team Kenya Healing has been continuing to lift up the community in Kenya and their contacts. The team has built relationships with community members and children. Members have had the opportunity to work on projects that would continue to benefit the community long after their trip. As the team is entering their last week of ministry, continue to pray for endurance and strength to keep giving it their all for the sake of the Gospel.


Team Malawi has had little wifi and cellular access over the last few weeks, but they are having a great time in Malawi. Some of the kids are kind of shy and hard to communicate with but others follow the team everywhere. They have been able to do skits, explain Bible stories, and pray for kids and their families.  They have also been doing community service projects like painting and yard work.  The kids and workers at the have been very friendly and welcoming to the team, and the host contacts have been “the absolute sweetest!” Please pray that the team would be able to share more about the Gospel, and also that they would not be discouraged by the times that they are not able to.



Team Myanmar has been working in Children’s homes in the city and working with Orphanages outside the city. The team had the opportunity to put on a church service for the local village church. Please continue to pray for strength and perseverance for the team, and for the team to continue having opportunities to share the Gospel with the people of Myanmar. 


This week, Team Philippines spent time loving and learning in the city of Tondo. The team has encountered the most loving community to serve. The team had the opportunity to lead children’s ministry programs. Team Philippines has been planting seeds of harvest in the community of Tondo. Keep Team Philippines in your prayers as they continue to be a light for the Gospel of Jesus Christ! 


This week the team has focused on building relationships with college students. They have had the opportunity to serve through sports and games with the children and youth groups they work with. The team got the chance to visit a children’s special needs home and love on the children. They have arrived in George, South Africa where they spent week 3 and will spend week 4. The team has been doing great as they learn to strengthen their unity, pray for the people of South Africa, and serve their contacts. They are looking forward to their last week in South Africa! 


Team Tanzania continues to serve and support their contacts through Bible distribution and various work projects. Keep this team in your prayers as they finish off their trip with sharing the Gospel and giving Bibles to people who have never heard of the name of Jesus Christ before. Also, pray for the team as they have a lot of traveling in front of them before arriving back in the US. 


Team Uganda Evangelism is doing well and looking forward to their final week. They have had the opportunity to connect with some of the local pastors on the groups as well as start some street ministry through hut to hut. Continue to pray for the team as they continue sharing the Gospel message of Jesus Christ to many that have never heard of the name of Jesus before.


This week the team has continued working on work projects and bringing the Love of God to the children in Uganda. The team has continued to invest into their contacts and communities they have encountered. Please pray for energy and perseverance for the team as they finish their last week in Uganda. 


Team Zambia has been engaged in hut-to-hut evangelism in the bush of Zambia. While evangelizing, the team has seen a number of healings and salvations. Please pray for good health as the team enters their last week of ministry.