Summer Team Updates #4

Burkina Faso:
This week team Burkina Faso has continued working with OneHope.
Team Burma has been doing outreaches in local villages this week, sharing testimonies and the hope of Jesus Christ.
This week team Chile has continued in the ministry they’ve done through this month. They have visited different schools to do ministry and share the gospel with students all across Chile. They’ve been able to do prison ministry and reach out to those who need hope. They’ve also been able to visit a home for underprivileged kids and bring joy in the midst of sadness.
Team China has continued working with their second contact and have been enjoying ministry. Here is an update from the team:
Working with this organization has been a blast. We have gotten to teach English classes, help with homework, play fun games, perform skits and stories, walk kids home each night, and lift up many to the father. We are working with kids that live in or around brothels, or kids that are neglected and go home to empty houses. We have gotten to walk alongside the incredible contacts that run this program daily and assist with things like cleaning, organizing, painting, and helping move. The kids have stolen the hearts of all the members and we are all so sad we only have one more week with them. This weekend we are leading services at a international and one at a home as well. Shanghai has been a huge change from the small village that we were in before, but everyone is adjusting really well.
Team Greece has continued working in Athens.
India North:
Team India North has just completed their final camp of the month which has included worship, investing in kids, playing games with them, and sharing testimonies of what God has done. They’ve just traveled to Hyderabad to invest into another organization in that area.
India South:
Team India South has continued working with SEAL. Their ministry has included many prayer meetings and kids’ meetings. They have been investing into those around them while bringing joy to this area.
Team Japan has continued working with GMC.
Team Kenya has continued to work in local schools, hold devos for both the students and the teachers, and invest in the teachers. They have been able to do hospital ministry, praying for those in need and give hope. They have also had the opportunity to do another cell group and work in the women’s prison, providing hope to those in the area and sharing the love of Jesus.
Team Malawi has had the opportunity this week to work with an after school program, investing into children and building relationships. They have been able to share the love of Jesus with these children and provide hope to them. Here is an update from the team:
What an incredible journey it has been. As we wrap up the week and head home today, I am so grateful for what the Lord has done in this past week. It was a great week to end on as we served with Rays of Hope in Blantyre, Malawi. From Monday through Thursday we spent our mornings getting to know the leaders of Rays of hope and planning for the after school program. Then in the afternoons the team split to go to two different after school programs they had. Both focused on the same group and age of children on the community. This was a new experience for us as we adapted to the different way they did things. We used a few techniques and lesions that we learned from previous after school programs. As we ended on Thursday we had an incredible time with the staff as we planned dinner with them so we could spend more time hanging out and saying goodbye. It worked out perfectly that we ended with this program as it really felt special being there with them during that time. Then, on Friday morning we spent traveling home and stopping to do a safari thanks to Mr. Gibozi. We had a blast doing this! Finally, we spent the rest of our time here in Malawi and at Youth Care Ministries with the kids. As we leave today, our hearts a heavy we will trust miss this place.
This week team Nepal has done hospital outreaches, praying for people to see healing and freedom. The team has also been able to visit the community effected by the recent earthquake and help this community. The team has been working to disciple new believers and invest into the YWAM base.
Team Philippines has spent their week doing outreach in Tondo, a community built entirely on trash. They have been able to go home to home, sharing the Gospel and hope of Jesus and pray with those they encounter.
This week team Singapore has been able to serve at the local hospice in the area. They have been spreading joy in a place that doesn’t see it often.
South Africa Joburg:
Screen Shot 2017-06-11 at 11.44.31 AM.png
This week team South Africa Joburg has continued working with Impact Africa. They have continued going hut to hut in the squatter camps sharing the Gospel of Jesus to those they encounter.
South Africa Soccer:
This week the team has continued with the ministry they’ve been doing all month. They have been able to work with All Nations in the morning, visiting schools and sharing the Gospel. They’ve been investing into kids and showing the love of Jesus. They’ve also been able to continue working with Ubuntu Football Academy and play soccer with the children. This has helped them build a relationship with these students because they work with them every week.
Team Tanzania is continuing on their work project of building a wall around a local hospital. The team has finally finished their last work day on the wall and have been able to impact lives in the local villages by sharing the gospel and passing out audio Bibles.  
Team Thailand has concluded their final week of teaching in three different schools. They’ve have been able to help students with their English, and have been able to share the Gospel with a few students who have been open to it. The team has enjoyed ministry to these students and building a lasting bond with them.
Team Uganda is in their final city, Jinja, sharing the Gospel. They have been able to go hut to hut sharing the love of Jesus while preaching in churches to continue to build the body of Christ. The team has seen a lot of fruit in Uganda and are continuing to invest into every person they encounter.
The team has continued to stay faithful in the way that they serve those around them and invest in them. The team had the opportunity to help with a youth service at the beginning of the week and pour into students. They’ve been able to continue investing into the Raigon school by holding devos and building relationships with both the children and the teachers. The team has also been investing a lot of time in prayer over the nation.
Team Zambia has been able to share the love of God this week through VBS. They have been able to share the Gospel with those kids and see an impact in their lives.
Zimbabwe Healing:
This week the team has had the opportunity to work in phase 3: deliver. After identifying the top priorities of the town and creating sustainable solution, they spent the week talking to the town about their ideas. They presented them and brought them in to the creative process by beginning to refine their business model and their solutions that will help the town for years to come.