Summer Team Updates #3

Burkina Faso:
This week team Burkina Faso has transferred contacts. They have transferred contacts and are now working with OneHope.
Team Burma has been doing great! They are enjoying ministry in several different ways and have been able to see God move. Here is an update from the team:

After we visited El Shaddai orphanage we were speakers at a youth seminar at Full Gospel Assembly; it was a great time of ministry! One afternoon we spent time with a young adult dance class and our team member Allison, who has danced for 16 years, lead the class. Later that night we joined the youth at a prayer and worship service. After a few days of youth ministry, we spent 3 days at Barnabas orphanage sharing bible stories and teaching them about the armor of God. Most recently we have been visiting different villages, encouraging and praying with different believers in their homes. One woman complained of numbness in her left arm and after we laid hands on her she was healed! We have seen healings and loved on many people! Each day brings a new adventure of opportunities to share God's love and we are enjoying all we can!


This week team Chile has traveled to a different city to visit a school and help refurbish it. They’ve been able to do ministry at elementary schools with the children and encouraging the teachers. The team has also had the opportunity to do prison ministry through church services. The team spent some time in the nursing home and had a highlight from this time:
This was a very unique experience because it was completely unexpected. I was never expecting to work with the elderly at all on this trip. These elderly people are dealing with Alzheimer’s or other mental diseases or disorders, and so Jessica, one of the women who run the daycare, teaches them about the salvation story every day because they are unable to remember it day to day. My favorite moment was at the end, when Jessica pointed out that one of the women named Ana was paying attention to us. This was extremely special because she is always asleep with her head down and she is mostly unable to move or speak, but she was paying attention to the skit and message. God was working in their hearts and spirits, even if they couldn’t remember the experience in the following days. I was extremely touched because of Jessica’s work and dedication and how much her heart burns for these people. Her ministry is very unique and I am amazed by how God is using her in these peoples’ hearts.

This week team China switched contacts and are now in Shanghai to work with disadvantaged youth. The team also has an opportunity to partner with the international church in the city.
Team Greece has traveled to Athens this week. They have have a lot of amazing ministry opportunities. Here is an update from the team:
The team has worked with Drop-In ministries where we partnered in a prayer walk through the city, coffee shop ministry, food distribution in parks, help plan and facilitate a VBS day, worked in Gypsy community school, worked Threads of Hope (women working to get out of prostitution), and refugee Alliance relief (provides services to refugees).
God has been showing up in the coolest, most unexpected ways through our team. We met a 68 year old man on the train from Thessaloniki to Athens. He announced he was atheist and that he was "looking for more in life." Through building a relationship over the 6 hour train ride he ended up talking about Jesus and taking a bible from our team.
Team Guatemala has enjoyed their third week of ministry in country! They had a discipleship retreat this week that has been impacting to those around them!
India North:
Team India North was able to do their third camp this week, impacting the local children through workshops, worship, games and testimonies. This has been a time where the team has been able to build relationship with the students and speak life. The team also had the opportunity to paint rooms at a local home.
India South:
This week team India South switched contacts and are now working with SEAL. They have had the opportunity to hold prayer meetings and do more kid’s ministry.
Team Japan has switched contacts with week and are now working with Global Missions Center in Iwaki. The team is looking forward to doing a different type of ministry with their contacts! Here is a testimony from the team:
Japan has been a life changing experience to say the least. On Monday we left Tokyo to head to Iwaki and we had to say goodbye to many new friends that we had made. 
We met these two girls (pictured above) on our first day of Ministry in Tokyo, where we were able to tell them about Jesus and His love for them and be used by God to lead them in a salvation prayer. That day we gained 2 new sisters in Christ. They came and hang out with us several times after that, and we built a relationship with them that I believe will last forever. 
Saying goodbye to them was not an easy thing at all, but I know we will see them again some day. God is doing incredible things here in Japan, and we're so blessed and thankful to be able to be apart of that!
This week team Kenya has been able to do school ministry through general assemblies, devos, and holding a school parade at the primary school. They have been able to work in local clinics as well and do hospital ministry. The team has been able to do cell groups throughout the area and spend some o their time doing prison ministry.
Team Malawi has had an incredible week of ministry. They also have the opportunity to travel to work with Cornerstone Ministries this week. Here is a quick update from the team:
From Monday through Wednesday we spent time serving at the Mercy Care high school here in Lilongwe. Here we spent the mornings teaching classes together. We would split up to teach subjects that fit our major or which we felt comfortable teaching. This was a great time for us, as the team was stretched out of their comfort zones to teach a subject in front of 40 or more students. Then on the afternoons, we joined the after school program at Mercy Care to play games, serve food, and hang out with the kids for a couple of hours. This stretched the team to plan out a solid set of games, activities and songs for the kids. Then on Thursday and Friday, we stayed at youth care ministries and assisted in the mornings with construction to help finish the new school they are building. Then in the afternoons on these days, we spent at an after school program with Youth Care Ministries (Thursday), and taking time to hang with the kids staying with us (Friday afternoon). Friday was a very relaxing day for us, so we decided to take our day on Saturday to go back to Madisi to help with Rise Malawi again and to meet back up with our friends. This day was so fun with the team as we got to revisit and help the incredible people we met in Madisi. It was so great to help lead there Saturday camp again. Overall, the Lord is moving in some incredible ways here in Malawi and with these ministries. We had great experience praying over some children at Rise Malawi on Saturday as we taught them how to pray and the look to the Lord for strength in their lives.
This week team Nepal had the opportunity to work on a building project for a local children’s church. They were also able to do outreaches in the village, including specifically reaching out to children in the area.
Team Philippines is doing well in their third week of ministry. You may have heard of a recent attack in that area, luckily the team was an hour away, and has continued doing ministry in the opposite direction. Everyone is well and the team is staying in close contact with the Missions Office and with their contacts. Here is an update from the team:
This week we did VBS from Monday to Friday! Each day we followed the overall theme of “faith” and had a lesson that was age-appropriate for the different groups. We led games, songs, a memory verse, Bible story, and a craft. Each day after VBS we had a time of rest and preparation for the following day. On Thursday, we celebrated Toby’s daughter Erika’s 3rd birthday and spent time with the kids in the Huyssen family. Then on Saturday, we helped with random tasks to support Gloryfall in their all-day worship training. Then today we ate a homemade breakfast at Toby’s house and we led church at Toby’s church, Hope for the Nations. 

This week team Singapore has the incredible opportunity to serve at the Empowered 21 Conference. They are able to serve in any way to help the conference run smoothly and efficiently. The conference has made an incredible impact on many lives and the team has been honored to be a part of it.
South Africa Joburg:
This week team South Africa Joburg transferred contacts, they are now working with Impact Africa. They have been spending time sharing the Gospel in squatter camps. Here is a short testimony from the team:
We met one man named Thabang who decided to accept Jesus into his heart after we talked for a bit in the squatter camps about how great our God truly is and all that He wanted to do for Thabang!! We also met a beautiful lady named Louisa at a water spicket passing between shacks. She said that she loved Jesus and wanted to accept him into her heart but didn't know how so one of our team members, Lauren, got to lead her in the salvation prayer and she also accepted Jesus into her heart!!!
South Africa Soccer: 

Team South Africa Soccer has been doing amazing and are enjoying ministry! Here is an update from the team:
This week, team South Africa Soccer has been working with All Nations in a ministry called HopeTown in the community of Ocean View. They have been playing street soccer every afternoon as well as after-school tutoring. They have been working with a hospital in the area where they pray and build relationships with the patients. This past Saturday they had the opportunity to host a street soccer tournament influencing the boys in the community who are involved in gang activity. They also had the opportunity to put on two community groups on Wednesday and Thursday nights working with teens and young adults in Ocean View. They are looking forward to this final week expectant of all the Lord will do.
Team Tanzania is continuing on their work project of building a wall around a local hospital. They have also been able to distribute audio Bibles to the local village to ensure people in this area have no limits to hearing the Word of God.
This week team Thailand has continued to teach English to their students in three different schools. The team has become more comfortable with planning and being in the classroom, as well as also getting more comfortable being separated for most of the day in different schools. Many relationships have been built in this time and has allowed ministry to happen. One part of the team has a student who is close to receiving Christ, and another part of the team has encountered someone who says she is searching. Continue to pray for deeper relationships and spiritual wisdom as the team continues to introduce people to Jesus.
This week team Uganda has spent time in several different villages teaching, preaching, and sharing the gospel with those they come in contact with. The team has been traveling to different villages for ministry, here is an update from the team:
We have had an amazing week of ministry with some amazing testimonies. We encountered a man who had converted from Catholicism to Islam within a week of meeting us and then gave his life to Jesus after a team member, McKenna, ministered to him! So that was a wonderful experience. The Lord has been so good and gracious to continually give each members messages to preach and grace to evangelize! It truly has been amazing to see the Lord minister to the team and then through the team. He has brought so much spiritual and physical healing to the team and then minister it through the team to the people we come in contact with!! We are leaving to go to another part of the country tomorrow to minister.
Team Uruguay has spent their work at the San Jose School and the Raigon School, doing devos and prayer, and teaching life skills to the students. They have also had the opportunity to go on a retreat with Juan 23, which is the local catholic orphanage, and share the love of the Father with these students.

Team Zambia is officially back from the bush and have changed contacts. They reported back 253 salvations, 40 physical healings, and 6 people who were delivered from demonic possession! They are now working with Light of Africa. They have been able to take part in a training program to teach people in the local churches how to use the authority of God to see healing. They have also been able to do outreaches in the local villages, hold prayer walks and take part in the weekly kids group held with their contacts.
Zimbabwe Healing:

This week team Zimbabwe Healing has moved on to phase 2: create. They will take all of the data they’ve collected and brainstorm ideas for solutions to the poverty-related issues. They will pull in the community to co-design a sustainable solution for this local area.