When do I find out about ORU Missions trips this year?
Sites launch and sign-ups begin after Missions Chapel in the Fall. Check the site descriptions in our office or online under the MISSIONS tab above for descriptions on all our trips this year.

How can I sign up to go on an ORU Missions trip?
Fill out and turn in a paper response card in our office with the $5 application fee ($10 after Fall Break). You will be placed on a team by our Director team and notified of your placement at the first Missions Training night in October, or by email if you sign up after then.

Can I just fill out an online application to be placed on a team?
No. You must fill out a paper response card and turn it in. The online Missions Application contains supplemental information used by our office and will not be used to make placements.

When do I find out where I am going?
You will be placed on a team by our Director team and notified of your placement at the first Missions Training Night in October.

What if I can't make the first Missions Training Night, or I signed up after teams were already placed?
We will email you with your team placement and your leaders' information.

What if I don't make it to my financial deadline? 
These situations are determined on a case-by-case basis by the Director team on each financial deadline day, and a single answer can't be given broadly. Very limited scholarship is made available to qualifying missionaries in need by our FAM Scholarship donors (Learn more about FAM or donate here), but no student should rely on an expectation to receive a scholarship. Keep fundraising, get creative, work hard, and trust the Lord in the process!
     **Please note that because ORU Missions is an IRS recognized, 501(c) 3 organization and awards tax-deductible receipts, there are no refunds for donations. In the unlikely event that any student being supported is unable to go on a trip, every donation will still go toward ORU Missions and the money will still be used for its intended purpose: to train and send students to the mission field, invest in our partner contacts, and reach those that they serve with the love of Christ.

I'm a graduate of ORU Missions. How can I stay involved?
Register for our FAM Newsletter or like our Facebook page to hear about updates in the program, testimonies, and events for students and alumni. To adopt a current missionary or support the FAM scholarship, check out our FAM page.


How do apply to be a Missions Leader?
Pick up a paper application in our office after applications have come out in September, fill it out, and turn it in within 24 hours. After that, you'll be given the link to our online application, and be asked to schedule an interview. Freshman may not apply to be on Missions Leadership, but may go on a team as a member and are more than welcome to apply for outreach leadership.

When do I find out if I was placed as a Missions Leader?
Letters will be sent by email on the date indicated on the application, usually near the beginning of October. Those selected as leaders will attend Leader Launch in the week following, where they will find out where they are placed and who they are leading.


Still have questions? Try one of these resources or reach out to ORU Missions & Outreach.