How can I sign up for Outreach?
Fill out the response card here. You will be placed on an outreach at Outreach Big Team or once we receive your response card, whichever comes later.

What if I can't make it to Outreach Launch or it has passed?
Our office will email you with your placement and your leaders' information.

Outreach already started. Can I still sign up?
Absolutely! Just fill out the response card here and our office will email you with your placement and your leaders' information.

What if none of the weekly outreaches fit with my schedule?
We have dozens of Community Partners organizations that we partner with in Tulsa outside of the context of weekly outreaches. Check out the list here and get connected with an organization you'll love!

What is a Community Partner?
It's an organization that ORU Missions & Outreach has partnered with but does not send a team of ORU students weekly. This might be because of the nature of the ministry, a lack of students available, or simply because the ministry does not need a weekly team of our size but would like a few students' involvement throughout the semester.

What is the difference between Weekly Outreaches and Community Partners?
With Weekly Outreaches, ORU Missions & outreach provides transportation and leaders at a set time every week during the semester. With Community PArtners, ORU Outreach does not arrange transportation or provide leaders, but rather you are responsible for personally coordinating with the organization.

Where does Outreach transportation leave from?
ORU vans depart from Lower Lot in front of Security at the set outreach time.


How do I apply to become an Outreach Leader?
Fill out an application here and then call/email/visit our office to schedule an interview (returning leaders do not have to interview).

What if I can't make it to Outreach Leader Launch or Leader Training?
Email our front desk at

Do I have to attend outreach every week if I am a leader?
You do not have to attend outreach every week, but you can if you choose to. You will coordinate with your leadership team so that a leader is present every week, but you can expect to lead once per month.


Still have questions? Feel free to reach out to ORU Missions & Outreach.