#ThereforeLove is a campaign to challenge the ORU student body and those partnered with ORU Missions and Outreach to step out of their comfort zones to intentionally show the love of Christ.

We are challenging ORU students to look beyond conversations about change and to take a step in the direction of change.

We are challenging others to love like Christ did, full of redemption, reconciliation, and love.

During this campaign, we are not calling ORU students to identify with an argument, but to identify with the life of Christ.

Outreach Initiative & Competition

Serve on ORU Weekly Outreaches with your wing for a chance to love Tulsa and win prizes. The three wings that serve the most hours from February 15-March 16 will win one of the following prizes:

  • Free banquet venue to the Rose Event Center

  • Lime Scooter credit for the entire floor

  • Brand-new ORU Missions merchandise for the entire floor

**In order for your hours to count, you must sign in with the outreach leader present in order to be added to the roster for that day.

More Info

In the Gospel of Luke, Jesus shared the Parable of the Good Samaritan with His followers where He challenged His audience to see beyond their race, beyond their agenda, and beyond their comfort to fiercely love their neighbors.

To Jesus, loving your neighbor is more about overcoming obstacles and discomforts to serve, love, and take care of those around you than it is about simply avoiding harm towards others.

#ThereforeLove is purposed to take on Jesus’ challenge to love one’s neighbor upon ourselves. Our goal is to put action to our love, to put effort towards the good, and to serve against injustice. Will you join us in following Jesus’ command to #ThereforeLove?